How to have Infinite Gifts in Toca Life World

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One of the things we can do while having fun at “Toca life world” is opening gifts, for each gift we get a new thing (t-shirts, suits, among others, which we can equip our avatar. How are gifts achieved in “Toca Life World” the official website of Toca sometimes launches codes for a usable period of time, we enter these codes by clicking on the screen of the urbe jaleo post office, after having exchanged the code we press the gold button and in the flexible band we are going to see how our gift moves in she.

The codes in our days to exchange in our “Toca life world” are the following: Thankyou, Toca Boca, Playcity, Elements, Painting, Luckypet, Surprise and Bullseye. With these codes we are going to receive distant and excellent rewards, if after exchanging them, if they do not leave us, it is because they have already expired or we have already exchanged them previously.

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How to have Infinite Gifts in Toca Life World

How to have Infinite Gifts in Toca Life World

The way to have infinite gifts in “Toca Life World” is by cloning the gifts, something similar to a bug. How can we make this bug? In the Jaleo city post office we click on the golden button, immediately when our gift appears we must hold it and leave it in the air without releasing it, now we close “Toca life world” and we enter the game again, again we go to the post office and as we will notice, the golden button can be pressed again, we press on it and carry out exactly the same procedure as many times as we want to get gifts.

And in this simple and easy way we will obtain infinite gifts in “Toca Life World”, these steps can be carried out countless times, so if we want a hundred gifts, we do this a hundred times and we will get them totally free of charge, without forgetting that they will not give us things that can be obtained in the store's packages, it is time to that we expand your compilation and mine like this.

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