How to Have a Baby in Toca Life World

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If we want to increase our family of characters and get new people or rather babies, here we are going to tell you how to do it. To have a baby inToca life world” we need to acquire the complete set of the health center in the store, in the case of appreciating having a human baby, if we want a pet taker, in general, we will have to get the package through the store (Pet hotel) and not let's forget about having a house where the whole family will be or whoever we want in it.

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How to Have a Baby in Toca Life World

How to Have a Baby in Toca Life World

For our human take we must choose a female avatar and dress it with the pregnancy clothes found in the health center and in the character author these clothes are distinguished from the rest by having a kind of wrinkle in the middle of the avatar. So let the time pass that we affirm that it is convenient to have our delivery, we go to the health center and lay the avatar on the stretcher so that the doctor decides if it is time to have your delivery. When we finished here and were more peaceful, we headed to the newborn area to pick up our little baby and give him a name.

In case of estimating a pet (a kitten or a dog), we go to the previously purchased pet hotel, and here inside we chat with the animal caretaker who checks our pet, he will tell us if she is pregnant and if she is going to give birth to a small puppy (in the case of dogs) and we will have to wait for him to be brought from the room next to his son with this now we have papa dog and his little son and “Toca Life World”.

We go home and present to the whole family our toma (whether small or small) or our new pet, maybe both, who knows, founding the family we longed for so much. You are the owner of your imagination and your planet and absolutely no one else decides what happens and what happens.

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