How to Go Platinum in PubG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a game with a pretty conclusive ranking system. This means that as you progress, the competitiveness gradually gets higher, making it more difficult to rank up. Today we are going to show you the simplest way to get platinum in PUBG Mobile.

It is true that there is no strict procedure. PubG Mobile it is identified as being too active, and there are times when certain practices cannot be applied in the game. However, the tactics we are going to show you could greatly increase your time spent in the arena, thus making you win certain cups, even if you lose.

Remember that the game does not take into account whether you win or lose to increase your level in the ranking, but rather measures the time you were on the battlefield, and based on this it gives you a certain level.

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How to Get Platinum in PubG Mobile

How to Get Platinum in PubG Mobile

The first thing that we are going to teach you is the strategy that many apply and many others hate, more than in essence, march. It's about being a country sniper. To do this, you don't have to simply get a rifle and be left lying in exactly the same place.

The first thing you should do is collect materials, from heals for the moment you are damaged to a vehicle even when the opponents discover your location. If possible, collect an AVM from the air drops that the game sends from time to time. If you are in a team, this maneuver can be quite useful, taking into account that while one heals, the other can cover it. Or also in the getaway, when one drives, the rest defend and shoot at those who try to take them away.

This is a maneuver used by quite a few people, because on an island where the possibilities are endless and there is an open planet where there could be someone in each and every house, it is best to opt to hide in stealth and wait for attack.

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