How to Gift Spins in Coin Master

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There are different ways to receive auxiliary rolls to continue playing and advancing in Coin Master. This time, you are going to learn how to give away spins on Coin Master to assist your friends to continue advancing.

Giving away spins is an easy action that won't take you long. And the best thing is that when you give rolls to your friends, it doesn't matter how much you give away, they never deduct them from your resources. However, you must take into consideration that you can only give 1 spin to each friend.

How to Gift Spins in Coin Master

How to Gift Spins in Coin Master

Just as you receive excellent rewards and gifts that allow you to advance in Coin Master, you can send gifts to your friends. That is a huge advantage of Coin Master, which allows you to connect with multiple people, and share the resources or items in the game.

As you well know, Coin Master lets you exchange cards, and now also give coins and spins to your friends. Gift spins to your friends in Coin Master and help them progress through the game.

To gift Coin Master spins to your friends, you need to follow the next steps:

  • You must enter the game and find the menu that locates them in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Then choose the Gifts option, here you will see the Spins section or also called Spins
  • Search your contacts for the friends to whom you want to give Coin Master spins, click on the Send option. Clever!

There is an alternative that lets you gift a hundred spins, 1 to each friend without choosing one by one. You just have to enter the gifts menu and go to the bottom of the screen and choose the option

Send to all. In a few seconds you will have already sent a hundred gift rolls to a hundred friends of your contacts.

Likewise, when you want to give away coins, you can give away spins, coins and even cards on a daily basis. However, in the case of cards, these are deducted from your resource inventory in Coin Master. When it comes to cards, try to give only the ones you have repeated so as not to leave your compilations incomplete.

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