How to Get Upgrade Materials in PubG Mobile for Free

Upgrade materials help us make aesthetic changes to the game, they don't go to change the potential quirks of a weapon or improve the armor of some suit that we can use on the battlefield. Upgrade bundles appear with an image of a covered sack, so it's a bit of a mystery how you get an upgrade.

Most users have wondered how to obtain these materials to make certain changes to their weapons, have better physical aspects and be able to show them off in an incomparable way. In the article we are going to explain how you can get the improvement materials in PUBG Mobile completely free of charge.

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How to Get Upgrade Materials in PubG Mobile for Free

How to Get Upgrade Materials in PubG Mobile for Free

The most frequent way to achieve improvement materials is through the store, buying them through UC coins, which we can achieve by investing real money in PubG Mobile. There are many users who cannot recharge often or simply are not in the economic capacity to carry them out, so we have a trick for you to obtain the materials.

Enhancement Materials can drop as a free reward after a match if you've destroyed another duplicate Enhancement Material, that is, if you were lucky enough to get two Enhancement Materials for a single weapon. The best thing you can do is to suppress one of them to achieve greater rewards. In addition to this, with the Battle Coins you can exchange them for packages to progress the painting of the weapons, this kind of painting is also considered an improvement material, and the Battle Coins can be achieved by the mere fact of playing often. 

With these materials you will be able to achieve very special shapes for any weapon, such as camouflage material and abstract colors. Join lots of matches and hunt every possible bounty in this amazing shooting game created by Tencent Games.

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