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UC coins are similar to diamonds in Free Fire, UC is one of the exchange currencies in PubG Mobile, only it has a more exclusive profile due to the fact that in most cases, it is achieved by investing money actual in game. Each and every one of the users of the community wants to have this currency in their inventory, because with it they can acquire the Royale Pass or their favorite weapon skin, apart from the different epic and very attractive costumes that are achieved in the The game's primary store for the exchange of UC coins.

Many people have tried different generators to get free UC coins, but they are a real scam, because Tencent Games actively monitors the game, and you can lose your account permanently by using this kind of cheat. The PUBG Mobile If you have certain ways to achieve this reputed currency at no cost, if you are looking to achieve them, you are in the right place. 

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How to Get UC in PubG Mobile for Free

How to Get UC in PubG Mobile for Free

To get UC coins you can participate in a raffle carried out by different PubG Mobile content authors, most of them are players who have been linked to gamer organizations and work regularly making videos on YouTube, as in the case of Discord, Nimo TV, Instagram or any platform on which assets can be held.

Also, the PubG Mobile community and official authors hold championships, competitive rooms, and multiple contests where you can show your level and promise rewards like UC coins to the winners. If you have great skill in the game, it's your chance to shine, stay on top of the championships, train a lot and get free UC coins.  

You can play the Bonus Challenge and win UC bundles, for this you must play continuously when this challenge appears and be very lucky so that Tencent Games sends you one of these bundles.

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