How to get the Pass Royale at no cost in Clash Royale

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clash royale pass It came like a breath of fresh air when it came out, it let players get extra rewards for fulfilling some requirements. All this for a limited starting cost. 

However, not each and every one of the people decides to spend their money on a game, even if they have the money or not, it is an activity that for some is not totally well seen or justified. For this reason we have developed an article explaining How to get the royale pass for free in Clash Royale. 

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How to get the Pass Royale at no cost in Clash Royale

How to get the Pass Royale at no cost in Clash Royale

By using hacks

We know that everyone likes salsa and they probably came to this blog post looking for this in particular. The truth is that, We do not recommend the use of any kind of hack, Nor do we evidently credit it. But, nowadays there are some hacks that go unnoticed by supercell and allow access to the season pass for free. 

It is essential to note that if Supercell discovers you, your account can be absolutely banned. Therefore, be careful what you download and use to play. 

Unofficial mods

Happymod is another tool that lets you access the season pass for free. It is an unofficial private server that gives you access to each and every one of the game's features for free. Its drawback is that since it is not official, your achievements will not be reflected when you enter the official game. In addition to this, since it is a mod it comes loaded with certain bugs.

Top Player and Content Author Giveaways 

Being a follower of some Clash Royale Top Gamer or Content Creator, begin to have your reward, since they are continually making raffles that give you free access to the season pass. You just have to have some luck and the draw will surely be yours. 

Being a part of a top clan

Another in-game functionality that makes clash royale a game for everyone, is that if you belong to a top clan, you will be able to receive the season pass as a reward. Through internal championships, high performance, etc. 

Paypal as a link to get the season pass 

Paypal is a tool for exchanging money in electronic format, here you will be able to save your money, acquire, or receive payment from your employers. But also, it is a useful tool at the time of getting money thanks to the performance of easy tasks. you just have to find official survey or task pages, fill them out, and you will receive the payment in paypal. With which you will be able to quickly acquire your season pass. 

As you could see, acquiring the royale pass at no cost in clash royale is possible, you just have to find the method that best suits you and that's it. 

We hope this article has served you and you know now How to get the royale pass for free in clash royale. We recommend that you continue reading the content related to clash royal, like the other games on our official website. 

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