How to Get the Ghillie Suit in PubG Mobile 

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 The ghillie suit is one of the strangest suits that have been found in the PubG Mobile. In order to achieve this we have to be very attentive to airdrops, airdrops leave objects in different areas of the map when we play the perfect Battle Royale mode, and the ghillie suit is one of those advantages to hide in the green areas of the map.

This magnificent camouflage suit is developed to hide in places such as forests, sands and snow or in places with a background such as caves and dark places, with the ghillie suit you can go unnoticed and move through different areas of the map.

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How to Get the Ghillie Suit in PubG Mobile 

How to Get the Ghillie Suit in PubG Mobile 

If you are in the last circle of the safe zone and you do not have any kind of shelter to hide, the ghillie suit is ideal, it is not only a common camouflage, it can also make you invisible in the final facets of the game as long as you do not shoot. It is a strategic suit used by many camprests in Battle Royale mode, you can move around different places on the map without attracting the attention of any opponent. 

The only disadvantage of this suit is that it does not cover your weapon, it can cover your body from head to toe and your backpack, but if you carry a primary weapon and an auxiliary weapon on your back they will be noticeable to opponents, so you must act with great caution, use the walls and green areas in your favor. 

It is also known as the specter suit, they can appear in any random airdrop, but you have to be very careful, most of the users know these techniques and can roam the area with snipers to keep the ghillie suit opponents at a distance. you are going to hold it from the packages, make sure to review your environment first, since it will take a few seconds for your avatar to collect the rewards from the airdrops

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