How to Get Royal Pass PubG Mobile Free

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PubG Mobile is a shooting game with great graphic quality and very realistic effects compared to competing games like Free Fire or Call Of Duty Mobile. Most of the games have an exclusive pass that allows us to advance faster than other players in the community, in the case of PubG Mobile, it is called Royale Pass. 

With the Royale Pass we will be able to achieve exclusive benefits in the PUBG Mobile, such as powerful weapons, exclusive costumes of the time, skins, coin generator for your clan, among many other rewards. To be able to acquire each one of the gifts that the Royale Pass leaves you, you must pass countless missions that will help you increase your level, for each level raised you can get a prize. 

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How to Get Royal Pass PubG Mobile Free

How to Get Royal Pass PubG Mobile Free

The Premium Pass created by Tencent Games for this renowned shooter is usually achieved by investing real money in the game, buying UC coins and exchanging them in the store, or directly buying the Royale Pass in the official PubG Mobile and Tencent company stores. Games. Many users of the community of this magnificent shooting game have been concerned to find a way to be able to achieve this renowned prize for free, because not each and every one of the players in the community can acquire it. In this article we are going to explain how you can get the Royale Pass at no cost. 

To be able to opt for the Premium Pass developed for PubG Mobile for free, you can use two methods, the first is to follow recognized players who create PubG Mobile content on different social networks. They generally hold daily activity and raffle Royale Pass in order to increase the number of followers. The other procedure that we can count on is through the exchange of free codes that we can achieve in multiple sites that donate weekly codes, you could be the lucky one to exchange one first than the entire community

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