How to Get PubG Mobile ID

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The ID is the way to identify ourselves as PubG Mobile players, we can achieve our ID by simply creating an account and filling in the information required by the game. As we can also change it through ID cards when we want to make certain changes to our personal information, if you are looking for how to get your ID and each and every one of the tips to be able to use it in the best possible way, you are in the right place. 

The ID works as the cover of our information in the game, there our name will appear, and under it a combination of particular numbers with which the entire community will be able to add us, in most of the times no matter how hard we try to make our name in the game be original. We will achieve people with similar names, so the ID is extremely accurate to search for a specific account and your friends can add you in the PUBG Mobile without inconvenience. 

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How to Get PubG Mobile ID

How to Get PubG Mobile ID

To achieve an ID you must log in to PubG Mobile and link your account with any of the opening options. In the case of this well-known shooter, we will be able to count on four ways to register, social networks like Facebook and Twitter, a Google Play Games account, or simply register as a guest to be able to try the game. You put a name that does not exactly match that of another player in PubG, and you can choose a flag that represents your nationality, with these simple steps the Tencent Games company will give you your player ID. In addition to this, in the game you will be able to get ID cards in case you want to change some information that you previously put. 

Do not leave compromising information in your profile, the best thing you can do is put your preferences in the game beyond personal things, ID cards can be achieved by completing missions in the game

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