How to Get Master Cards from Coin Master

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Like many players, no matter how great they are, there are times when they feel stuck in the game. Especially when trying to fill the card compilations, since practically always and in all circumstances they are missing a professor card or strange card from Coin Master. So you must be on the lookout and look for how to achieve master cards of Coin Master, to fill your sets.

Coin Master cards are classified according to their level of strangeness, and having them is extremely useful in the game. Since they let you fill objectives and advance the level in the game.

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How to Get Master Cards from Coin Master

How to Get Master Cards from Coin Master

Below, you will be able to see a list of Coin Master master cards, separated from the rarest and most exclusive, to the most common. But each and every one of enormous utility.

Some of the master cards in Coin Master are the strangest, and consequently you can unlock them at advanced levels.

Rare Master Cards from Coin Master

These are the strangest master cards in Coin Master, you can unlock them from village three hundred and sixty four, due to their high level of strangeness. Getting these cards is not that simple, surely you will have to acquire certain magical chests to opt for one. Certain of these master cards, you may be able to achieve them before, it all depends on their level of strangeness.

  • Martian lettuce
  • Bullfighter
  • Farmer Feng
  • Barrel tank
  • screeching crow
  • Elk elk
  • Satyr
  • Hobby horse
  • Aztec princess
  • Pava
  • Papa Noel
  • Smoking
  • Mythical melody

These cards can be exchanged with other players for other cards to complete your compilations. Similarly, by filling your card sets, you get incredible rewards.

How to Get Master Cards from Coin Master

There are multiple ways to achieve Coin Master master cards:

  • Unlock via random spins
  • Explore each of the villages, and acquire chests, in them you can get certain of these cards. In each and every chest there is a two percent chance of finding a master card, the more chests you open the more chance you have to get them
  • Trading cards with Coin Master friends
  • Participate in events such as Card Bums. For this you must have your coins, since in this event to take advantage of the drop in card rates

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