How to Get Lives in Coin Master

How to Get Lives in Coin Master

When you get hooked on a game like Coin Master, you surely don't want your lives or turns to run out to continue playing. How to achieve lives in Coin Master? It is one of the questions that players frequently ask themselves. In truth, there are those who have fallen into illusory pages and applications, thinking that they would find infinite lives.

In Coin Master, the active of the game is different, so you don't need lives to play with other games. Coin Master It is based on spins, from which you achieve rewards and great prizes. So now you know, avoid falling for illusory offers of infinite lives in Coin Master, because that's not how this game works.

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How to Get Lives in Coin Master

How to Get Lives in Coin Master

In Coin Master there are no lives to continue in the game. As you already know, what you need are rolls.

Upon entering the game, the first thing you'll see on the main screen is a slot machine with a lever on either side. Pulling the lever makes a roll, and when you do, the machine activates showing you what you can win. Certain prizes are ideal hammers to attack other villages, shields to protect your village, letters and the possibility of looting.

There are multiple ways to achieve rolls, allowing you to progress through the game.

On Facebook

Invite your friends to join the game, by accepting your invitation, you will receive forty spins.

play daily

By opening the application each and every day, you will receive a reward that can be spins or coins.


You can request and send your game contacts gift spins, or even coins or cards.

rewards apps

Access pages or download applications that collect the ideal codes to use in Coin Master and win gifts. These go with a direct link that connects directly to the game.

code generator

This is the way to locate infinite runs without inconvenience. The benefit of generators is that you choose the number of spins you need. Then an exclusive link will be created for your user, and you just have to have it.

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