How to Get Gold Cards in Coin Master Free

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Golden skins are the most sought after in Coin Master. And it is that these are needed to fill the compilations and achieve fantastic rewards. But, do you know how to get gold cards in Coin Master for free?

Collecting cards may not be essential to advance the level in the game, but they are invaluable to earn resources and rewards. Collecting cards allows you to earn golden cards, which are the rarest, most valuable and quite difficult to achieve.

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How to Get Gold Cards in Coin Master for Free

How to Get Gold Cards in Coin Master for Free

Any kind of card can appear in your village, but the gold cards require care on your part. Earn golden cards in Coin Master and enjoy incomparable rewards, really useful in the game.

Open chests

When you explore villages, you should open every single chest you can, to increase your chance of winning a gold card. In villages with a higher rank, you have a higher chance of finding gold cards.

Complete card compilations

Like everything in life, you start by filling the compilations of the most frequent cards and then start achieving the golden cards.

Keep an eye out for gold card events

Occasionally, the game gives you the possibility of getting gold cards at no cost, you will only have to exchange them for certain specific cards. Only if you don't have the requested cards, you won't be able to receive the gold cards. These trades are only possible on gold card trades, so you have to be on the lookout.

Participate in the Viking mission

In this event you can get gold cards at no cost, so you can not stop participating in this mission.

Exchange cards for chests

You can exchange your repeat cards for chests. To get certain chests you must have a certain number of cards of a certain level. Otherwise, you will not be able to make the exchange.

Trade with other players

There is an official Coin Master set on Fb. In these, multiple players meet to contact those who have the cards they need and offer a trade. We can highlight that apart from this official group, on Facebook you can find multiple groups formed by Coin Master players. Aside from trades, you can connect with new friends.

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