How to Get Exchange Tokens in Clash Royale

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The change tokens in Clash Royale They are one of the most useful tools that clash royale could teach. Although its primary focus is to use it in clans, we can say that it was a clean air for the long-term improvement of clash royale. 

If what you are looking for is an article on how to get exchange tokens in clash royale, you came to the right place, here We will see the different ways of obtaining, as a general summary of your benefits. 

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How to Get Exchange Tokens in Clash Royale

What are exchange tokens in clash royale? 

The so-called exchange tokens are the internal currency which lets you trade decks with your clanmates. What causes this? Essentially, you can swap out the cards you don't need for the ones you want, giving your deck utility and depth for when you tackle clan wars. 

The only requirement to carry out this transaction is to have your king at level 9. So understanding its functionality we can go directly to how to get the chips in clash royale. 

How to get exchange tokens in clash royale 

War of clans

For obtaining change tokens, Supercell focused on making it a part of the reward after finishing the clan war. Then, at the end of each confrontation you will get a reward chest that will include the exchange tokens. 

Achieving the foregoing allows the participants and victors of each battle in the clan war not only to get large amounts of gold, but rather in addition to this, a certain amount of tokens, which, It will allow a better exchange with your companions in your clan. 

by the store 

These tokens of change sometimes you can find them in the store for a low cost, which fluctuates depending on whether it is a promotion or not. 

trophy road

During your promotion as clash royale player, you will receive them as a reward, of course it will not be in large quantities but yes, they will be the precise ones so that you can see how it goes, and put together a partially competitive deck for your current cups. 

How to use exchange tokens in Clash Royale

To use clan tokens the procedure is quite easy. 

  • just saygo to clan chat and make a proposal to exchange letters, some of your colleagues, if they are interested, admit the exchange and admit it. 
  • Is essential highlight that if you see that the exchange is not the desired one you will be able to cancel it. And by doing this, your trade letter will be returned. With this you avoid being tried to lie or troll in your clan or any clan you enter to make the exchange.

At this moment the exchanges are for their peers.

  1. Plug legendary – It is only exchanged for a legendary card.
  2. Plug epic – The exchange is made for one epic cards.
  3. Plug special: – It will exchange fifty unique cards.
  4. Plug común – The basic tile that leaves you up to two hundred and fifty community cards.

We hope that this article has cleared your doubts about how to get exchange tokens in clash royale, as well as its functionality and usefulness in the game. We recommend that you continue reading our content related to clash royale, as well as many other games on our official website. 

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