How to Get Dances in PubG Mobile

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The emotes are an interaction that our character can make while we are in the main lobby or on the battlefield. These serve us to communicate with all kinds of users, be they allies or opponents. As PubG Mobile has advanced, they have been concerned with increasing the number of interactions in the game, so that there can be a huge plurality of them.

Among the emotes we can achieve different entertaining dances that our character can perform, and it is of the utmost importance that you know how to achieve them. In order for you to stop looking like a common player in the PubG Mobile.

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How to Get Dances in PubG Mobile

How to Get Dances in PubG Mobile

There are dances in the game that are easy and original, as well as others that refer to someone in particular, it can be a dance by a renowned artist or a choreography that has appeared in a series or a movie. To be able to have dances in PubG Mobile you can carry out different procedures.

The first thing you can do is recharge UC coins, this Premium quality currency allows us to acquire different exclusive benefits in the game, so if we go to the store we will be able to achieve certain dances by exchanging them for UC coins. In addition to this, easy dances can appear in common boxes, for this you must collect silver fragments each game and assemble the boxes. PubG Mobile It is a game that has no limits, in the roulette wheels of certain exclusive events that take place throughout the season, it is possible that they raffle some dance and you must be on the lookout for it to become the owner of a pleasant emote. 

the dances in the PubG Mobile they also serve to perform an ordered emote with your partner, they can use exactly the same dance to celebrate that they have finished with an opponent or that they have won the game. Join the PubG Mobile and achieve each and every one of the exclusive dances of the game.

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