How to Get Characters in Apex Legends

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the characters in the Apex Legends They are known as legends, which each of them have unique abilities that will help you improve in Battle Royale. What has made the game created by Respawn Entertainment attractive is the plurality of characters that it currently has, in addition to this, they report that they continue to work to add countless more legends and make their set of players grow exorbitantly. Apex Legends is a game that is currently in direct competition with PubG Mobile and Fornite, highly regarded shooters that already have an established position in the gaming market. 

How to Get Characters in Apex Legends

How to Get Characters in Apex Legends

The number of characters you have Apex Legends is what catches the attention of most players, we all want to have as many legends as possible and use them in different games to be able to climb fast and rank up. Apex Legends has a very competitive community. In this article, we are going to explain how to get characters in Apex Legends. 

Currently in Apex Legends there are around two legends, each of them has very original active and passive skills according to the situation that we find ourselves on the battlefield. We can achieve basic characters for free from the moment we start playing this magnificent Battle Royale, as well as we will be able to achieve legends of incredible power by exchanging coins in the game. 

The easiest way to find characters in Apex Legends is through legendary story tokens, which we will collect during our adventure in the game when we level up our player profile. Each level that we climb in Apex Legends will give us six hundred legend story tokens and we will need at least twelve thousand tokens to be able to acquire a legendary story that is not free. 

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