How to Get a Relic in Apex Legends 

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Apex Legends is a Battle Royale game that has great rewards, which we will be able to find as we progress through the game. The Respawn Entertainment company has released different objects that, if we manage to achieve them, will allow us to take an advantage over our opponents on the server.

Among the most noted and sought after objects by the entire user community of this incredible game, we find relics, an extremely essential object in Apex Legends to be able to enrich ourselves with aesthetic details for our legendary story. Locating this kind of audiovisual details has become an end for each and every one of the players. In this article, we are going to explain how you can cget a relic in Apex Legends

How to Get a Relic in Apex Legends 

How to Get a Relic in Apex Legends 

Many users in the community have created theories in which they can use objects such as metals to get a relic, this is completely false, we invite you to use the manufacturing metals for other purposes, since they are not related to the relics of the play. Essentially, relics are a weird thing that an item is called, and just like Clash Royale, in Apex Legends we categorize things by whether they're weird, epic, legendary, and even "relics" the top tier of this game. 

It should be noted that the chances of achieving a relic in the game are quite low, first we must find the fragments, which will be distributed in the Apex Package, these packages will allow you to achieve enough fragments to assemble a relic box, however , they have a chance of about five and one, so if you're really lucky, you can get relic shards in your first few ApexPack

The trick to getting heirlooms is to play around with Apex Pack odds, as the game developers point out, for every hundred Apex Packs you open on your adventure, two percent are going to be heirloom shards. Put some good time into the game and you will be able to achieve each and every one of the precise relics to look like a better legendary story than other players.

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