How to Get a Pop it in Toca Life World

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First of all you have to know what a pop it is being an experienced or new player of “Toca life world” Surely you have heard about pop it and you don't know what it is or how to achieve it. Calm down, here on this website we are going to talk a little about it and we will help you achieve it in a completely easy way, in this brief article.

First, it is necessary to know what pop it is. The pop it are pieces of gum or sweets in the form of square gifts that are used at the time of the manual function, they give off a very comfortable sound. Obtaining it is very simple, you just have to follow our steps and that's it.

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How to Get a Pop it in Toca Life World

How to Get a Pop it in Toca Life World

Some of the pop it you could get for free were given away in early August XNUMX. Today in "Toca Life World" you can only get two pop it in the mall (pay zone). You will be able to see many objects similar to the pop it but none will be the genuine one if it does not have the rubber bands, they will be other things such as: music boxes and glasses cases.

Many people always wonder how they can achieve these pop it in some other way or at no cost, unfortunately there are no ways to achieve them outside the mall, much less at no cost. The only way is to acquire them directly in the game, an alternative option to this inconvenience would be to download the game through other sources, either hacked or with mods that let you acquire the pop it completely free of charge.

It should be noted that downloading the game through other means without being the official downloaded from the play store you will not be able to put your game account from the official to the mod, much less from the mod to the official. You will be able to achieve the pop it in “touch life world” but it would not be in your game account, on the contrary you should create a new account to be able to do this. Therefore, it is much better to save and wait to acquire them as they are generally done in “Toca Life World”

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