How to Fill Apex Legends Tutorial

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When you are a beginner player, you need to fill out a tutorial to learn each and every one of the basic aspects of any game. In such a case, we are going to explain how to fill out the tutorial Apex Legends and everything necessary so that you can increase your level of play. 

In Battle Royale games like Apex Legends, we are going to jump to an island with seventy other survivors, those who are in charge of looking for everything necessary to stay alive while the safe zone shrinks. Remember to carry all the necessary weapons, medical equipment for when you are attacked, and all the necessary explosives to escape when you find yourself in desperate situations.

You will be able to achieve different scenarios when defending yourself and it is necessary that you understand each and every one of the mechanics in the game so that you can continue to survive on the island, a game very similar to the "hunger games" where everyone fights to their own devices. way to stand up. 

How to Fill Apex Legends Tutorial

How to Fill Apex Legends Tutorial

The first and only tutorial of the game is the perfect training mode, this game mode appears just after you have created your account, it will send you directly to a game and the game will gradually explain everything you need to do to survive . In such a case, the first thing you are going to learn in the Apex Legends It is the way to jump, choose the best area of 鈥嬧媡he map where you can land comfortably and select all the necessary equipment to take advantage of your opponents. 

In case you play together, the communication between partners is accurate, the game will ask you to activate the voice chat to fill this phase. Then, they put you a mission where you are going to have to fill your inventory. That is, you must search the entire map for weapons, ammunition, and grenades to be able to survive, change it regularly so that you can complete this tutorial mission. 

Move quickly from one side of the map to the other, so that you know each and every one of the buildings and cities that the main map of Apex Legends. With these basic aspects you will be able to fill the tutorial of the game.

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