How to Enter with Weapon in PubG Mobile

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Weapons are a fundamental factor in any type of game Battle Royale, because they are the essential tool that will help us to be the last survivor in the game. It is extremely essential that as you progress through the game, you become a teacher of weapons, practice and learn to master all kinds of weapons arsenal so that you are a complete player, apart from learning basic things about them such as the recoil and mobility according to the weight of each one.

All of us who have had the experience of playing a shooter, regardless of whether it was on a console, computer, or mobile device, are going to have a preference or affection for a certain category of weapons, because we perform better with them. find them always and in all circumstances on the map and feel confident that this is the best weapon to defend ourselves. As in each and every shooting game, PUBG Mobile It also has weapons with their respective skins that are absolutely exclusive and we would like to brag to the community that we have them, in this article we are going to explain how to enter with a weapon in your hands in a PubG Mobile match

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How to Enter with Weapon in PubG Mobile

How to Enter with Weapon in PubG Mobile

You must take into consideration that we cannot enter the pre-game lobby with each and every one of the weapons, since this alternative has not yet been added to them, remember that Tencent Games works to increase the arsenal of weapons that we are going to be able to teach in the lobby, so you will be able to count on these changes in future updates. To enter a game with a weapon in PubG Mobile the first thing you should do is go to the inventory, see each of the skins you have for your weapons, at the bottom of the screen an alternative called "show" will appear, click there and you will be able to count on that weapon all Once you enter PubG Mobile, at the moment you can only have 1 weapon to teach.

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