How to Enter Ranked in PubG Mobile

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The qualifying mode, better known as ranked by the entire community that loves games for video consoles, is a classification system that is used in the PubG Mobile to be able to position the best players in the area. Even those who hold their own in the world's top hundred players must go through the lower levels of PUBG Mobile in time to reach the top.

You can play ranked in both team battles and Battle Royale, where around sixty fully experienced users fight for survival and earn rank points.

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How to Enter Ranked in PubG Mobile

How to Enter Ranked in PubG Mobile

In the perfect ranked mode, different rules are established so that the competition is fair and has a good pace of play. As you complete ranked matches you will be able to increase or decrease your rank points depending on your performance in the match, so make sure you have a high level to reach this demanding point in the game. Many users in the community wonder how to get to play ranked in PubG Mobile, in this article we are going to explain how you are going to be able to get a position to enter to play ranked. 

There are many requirements to be able to play ranked in the PubG Mobile, but for the moment the two essential to be able to enter is that the players reach a level of survival domain no less than two, before trying to play a game that classifies you in a position for the ranking. Depending on the area and the platform where you play, you will have to verify your account and confirm that you have reached this reputable level by means of an SMS, to be chosen for the perfect ranking mode (PubG Mobile gives you the option to add your phone number when you register your account). 

Play constantly and train a lot so that you level up and you can opt for a spot in the perfect ranked mode.

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