How to Enter PubG Mobile Battle Park

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The battle park was added in the latest updates of PubG Mobile like a map where we can interact and have fun with each of the players in the area. A very entertaining map and similar to that of Free Fire, where we are going to be on an island with many attractions where we can chat with other people, play games, dance, and have fun with each and every one of the emotes that we have to teach in this park.

In addition, a 1vs1 mode was added where you can have a friendly match with any user on the server, where they will be able to select the weapon modality that the two will use, you can select between sniper, shotguns, attack rifles or submachine gun, all depending of your game preferences and those of your opponent, and you can also see from a tribune the combat of other players with an aerial view. Many users in the community wonder how they can enter the battle park in PUBG Mobile, we are going to explain to you the unique requirement that the game asks for so that you can enter the park to interact with your friends. 

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How to Enter PubG Mobile Battle Park

How to Enter PubG Mobile Battle Park

In order to enter the battle park you only need to have the game fully updated for mobile devices, as far as PC players are concerned, they must have version ten of the Steam store. After these you must log in to the account of your choice, you will realize that the main lobby has undergone certain changes and that most of the options will now appear on the left side of the screen, between each and every one of the the options on that side will appear the battle park; you press the option and it will immediately send you to the island, where you will be able to share your experiences in the game with other people in the community.

The battle park is constantly updated in order to improve it, so you must enjoy it to the limit before it undergoes certain changes. 

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