How to Enter a PubG Mobile Championship

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PubG Mobile It is a shooting game that is well known around the world, so it has a very competitive community of players, who give their best every day to improve their level of play. It is very true that being a very realistic game and well developed by Tencent Games, the ways to carry out the actions from a mobile device are not so easy, they require a lot of practice and incessant training so that you can reach high ranks in your area. .

Many users in the community have wondered how they can truly compete in PubG Mobile, wondering who are the people in charge of running the well-known regional and world championships? Since here we are going to explain how you can enter a championship of PUBG Mobile have enormous prestige. 

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How to Enter a PubG Mobile Championship

How to Enter a PubG Mobile Championship

Most of the current championships that have been held have been sponsored by the independent company Tencent Games, supporting other franchises that recruit high-level players for competitive championships, in such a case we are going to talk about the Survival championship, a championship that is carried out in Mexican territory annually. To serve as an example, the requirements to be able to enter this renowned championship held in the North American zone is to be over one year old, seeking players partially of university age with sufficient knowledge of strategies in the perfect Battle Royale mode. 

The format used by the survival championship is one of the most used in the world in championships of PubG Mobile. An all against all in maps like Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok, where each of the players will play different games in the perfect Battle Royale mode and will accumulate points according to their performance, something very similar to the statistics when we play the perfect ranked mode. 

There are also internal clan championships, where we will be able to enter if we are distinguished players from a clan with a lot of prestige in the ranking of the area. In addition to this, there are paid championships that take place between players to prove who is the best.

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