How to Enter a PubG Mobile Adapted Room

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The adapted rooms are a way of being able to create our game mode through one of those that are already created in the PUBG Mobile. To serve as an example, we can create an adapted room using the perfect Battle Royale mode, rather than simply showing shotguns and submachine guns on the map, we leave aside attack rifles and snipers so that there are direct confrontations and less camprest in the game, as well as you can create a game where everyone uses only snipers and is a more tactical game mode, in which a false move and being poorly covered can be the worst mistake in the game.

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How to Enter a PubG Mobile Adapted Room

How to Enter a PubG Mobile Adapted Room

The adapted rooms are a true innovation in the PubG Mobile, they help us to be able to play in a different way than traditional game modes, so we all want to enter one. To create an adapted room you need a room card or room card, we can achieve them through clan points or the elite pass, apart from being able to purchase them in the game store with UC coins, investing real money. In the event that you do not have the possibilities to be able to acquire a room card and create your adapted room, you can join other rooms that will be open in public for anyone who wishes to enter.

The first thing you should do is go to the main game settings, where the room option appears, you can click there and see each and every one of the adapted rooms that are created, the different game modes they are using and the detailed rules they put, you can freely join any adapted room that is public, but you will not know precisely when it will be started or with how many players. On the other hand, to join a private room you must have the access password that can be provided through messages.

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