How to Earn Stuff in PubG Mobile

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PubG Mobile is a game that has different currencies, benefits, weapon skins and outfits, which you can achieve in multiple ways in the game. Many players who are beginners and are just starting their adventure from scratch in this magnificent shooter do not know how to win each and every one of the things that we can locate in the game. PUBG Mobile, so in this article we are going to give you a quality guide so that you can get each of the rewards that this game offers. 

PubG Mobile it is a game that is sustained by incessant updates, so the advantages are magnificent and exclusive. The character when we are at the beginning of the game appears practically naked, with a default clothing that does not cover anything. By means of pieces for boxes, store coupons, and the royal pass we can achieve a great variety of clothes for our character, regardless of whether he is a man or a woman. In addition to this, we can get clothes through the soldier box that appears daily in the store for free. 

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How to Earn Stuff in PubG Mobile

How to Earn Stuff in PubG Mobile

If your goal is to earn weapon skins, we invite you to rank up in the perfect Battle Royale mode, rank up in the PubG Mobile It is essential and will help you achieve different things exclusive to the time, including certain aesthetic modifications to your arsenal of weapons. 

There are three kinds of coins in the game, BP coins, which are the ones you can earn by playing games constantly, the more games you play the more your BP reward will be, you will be able to trade them in the store for different things and fragments of traditional boxes that will give you many rewards. In addition to this, you can get UC coins, the Premium currency of the game that will help you locate a huge variety of exclusive things of the time, such as the elite royal pass, completely epic costumes from the store, and extremely rare emotes that you will not see in any area player. 

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