How to Earn Outfits in PubG Mobile

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When we start our adventure in PubG Mobile from scratch, our avatar will appear practically naked, only with a very simple default clothing, so as we progress through the game we need to achieve multiple suits and clothes for our guerrilla. Many key players in the different zones of PUBG Mobile They don't know how to earn suits in the game, so today we are going to show you how you can easily achieve them.

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How to Earn Outfits in PubG Mobile

How to Earn Outfits in PubG Mobile

If you invest real money in PubG Mobile, you can purchase UC coins and exchange them for different full suits in the shop, most of the full suits featured in this shooter were once a part of an event. It should be noted that the PubG saga has been on the market for many years and in its version for mobile devices we can also win traditional costumes through chests and rewards for leveling up or for being a designated player in games. If you get Traditional Crates and Premium Crates through Silver Shards, you might be lucky and get a costume in the game, as well as some extra accessories so you can show off your costumes in the best possible way. 

If we are in the main interface of the game and we want to get certain clothes for free, we must go to the store, which will be located on the left side of the screen, when we enter there we will find the soldier box in the menu, the one that we are going to be able to open daily to get easy clothes. 

By completing missions in prestigious clans and performing various achievements that have to do with clan goals, you can earn clan points and exchange them in the store for multiple exclusive outfits. Everything in PubG Mobile is a matter of perseverance and dedicating precise time to the game.

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