How to Download Apex Legends on PC for Free

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Apex Legends is a game that has won the hearts of each and every shooter lover. This incredible Battle Royale with futuristic effects has a huge variety of characters with really strong and original abilities who are considered legends. Each one of them has peculiarities that can help us to be the last survivor, as well as we can combine their skills so that they are useful when playing as a team. This renowned game is on different platforms, in the article, we will explain how you can download Apex Legends on PC at no cost. 

How to Download Apex Legends on PC for Free

How to Download Apex Legends on PC for Free

In this article, it will explain the process that you must follow to download Apex Legends for free for your computer. Now we leave you the step by step:

  1. You must open the browser you want and enter the Microsoft page, where we will locate the Microsoft Store.
  2. Once we are in the store, we place the search engine sign on the screen, we put the name of our game “Apex Legends” and shortly it will appear in the options, we click on “get”.
  3. To be able to start the download you will have to have an e-mail, particularly from Outlook, start a session with it and your download will start completely free of charge. The only disadvantage of downloading this game on free sites is that the download is done a bit slower than normal, so it can take a few hours to get each and every one of the files to be able to play apex legends

Apex is a game that demands a bit of hardware, certain minimum requirements in order for the game to run optimally, a CPU with Intel Core i3 specifications with a quad-core processor is the minimum measure to be able to play the game. Apex Legends, apart from having at least 6GB of RAM and about thirty GB of internal storage to be able to download each and every one of the packages of the game. Join Apex Legends and get it without making any respective payment with these methods that we invite you to. 

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