How to Download Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch 

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Apex Legends is a game that is expanding to each and every one of the possible platforms, it is currently in development so that it can be free for mobile devices in the coming months. Respawn Entertainment and Electronics Arts are working hard so that this magnificent shooter, which has been a huge success for each and every one of those who love Battle Royale games for video consoles, can reach each and every one of the corners of the planet. . In the article, we are going to talk about how you can get it on one of the most recent gaming platforms, the Nintendo Switch.

Apex Legends is available for Nintendo Switch completely free of charge, it comes with the purpose of continuing with all the success that other consoles such as ps4 and Xbox One have brought. This hybrid console allows us to play from a TV or used as a mobile device, which will let us enjoy the Apex Legends inside and outside the home, which is quite interesting so that no user loses interest in staying active in the game. 

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How to Download Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch 

How to Download Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch 

Panic Button was the company that helped develop and optimize Apex Legends for the Nintendo Switch, positioning itself among the best games on the current platform. We can download the Apex Legends from the eShop store, all you have to do is log in to your account from your console, access the eShop, and put Apex Legends on the search icon, add the game to the download cart and wait a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet, you will have the game to enjoy it from your Nintendo Switch.

The game on Nintendo Switch weighs about 30GB, so it will be necessary for your console to have an extra microSD card from its internal storage to be able to have this game, which has multiple options, legends, and innovations that are completed with the passing of the months.  

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