how to download apex legends for pc

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Apex Legends It is a game that since its inception has been free for Ps4, Xbox One and PC. It is an incredible Battle Royale Shooter, in which seventy players jump to an island to fight to be the last survivor. On the island there will be weapons, ammunition, and medical equipment so that you can face all your opponents, in addition to this, you can have a legendary story that will have unique abilities that you can take advantage of in different situations that will arise on the battlefield, something very original done by Electronics Art and Respawn Entertainment.

Without a doubt, it is a fundamental game for each and every one of the platforms, for this reason, in the article we are going to explain how you can Download Apex Legends for pc. 

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how to download apex legends for pc

how to download apex legends for pc

This magnificent shooting game is in direct competition with the PubG and Call Of Duty sagas, which have been expanding for each and every one of the gaming platforms such as Apex Legends. In case you want to download it for PC, the first thing you should do is have the Origin store, a steam platform that was created by one of the game's developer companies, Electronics Arts. You must search for the origin service client from its official page and download it, then open it and register your account on the platform.

Once you carry out all this procedure, you go to the search engine that will be on the left hand side of the service client window, search for Apex and the game will appear and each and every one of the paid packages that are free to include in this Battle Royale. The download option will appear and you will decide where on your computer you want to save the game files, we invite you to save them on the desktop to have faster access to the game, wait a few hours for the download to complete according to the speed of your network connection, and voila, you can play Apex Legends from your PC.

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