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The Witness to the Truth achievement is one of the most well-known events throughout the PubG Mobile community, with which you can find a badge for visiting the most secretive places on the server. In this article we are going to explain how to fill it out and the fact that it has become quite difficult for the different areas of the world to get the Witness to the Truth badge. 

The first thing you should do is log in to your preferred account, remember that PubG Mobile gives you different options to create different accounts and therefore this is going to be your first step, after you have entered the lobby, you will go to the mission option, in the mission sub menu each and every one of the achievements that we have effected from the moment we started playing PUBG Mobile, the truth witness can be filled by watching the video of the ACE union on the Spawn Island for five times. 

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How to do the achievement Witness the truth PubG Mobile

How to do the achievement Witness the truth PubG Mobile

The Spawn Island is the pre-competitive interface before starting a Battle Royale game, and it is also located on the main map of the game, the songel map. After having entered the common game you get to the Kameshiki city, on the shores of the beach of this city far from the best known of weregel map, we will be able to use a common ship to reach the Spawn Island driving the ship online straight. When you arrive at Spawn Island, you go to the 5 screens that are on multiple pillars located in that pre-competitive lobby, you watch a video on each and every screen and that's it, with that you will complete a large part of the achievement witness to the truth. 

Then you must make a tip in the game, in which you will indicate to other players recommendations to find the Spawn Island. With this you will complete your achievement and they will give you the witness to the truth badge, since you will have discovered a secret island on the eragel map.

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