How to Do Quests in PubG Mobile

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PubG Mobile It is a game that has a huge variety of missions that you can complete in a very simple way, those that will help you exchange rewards every day. Some players do not know how to place the missions in PubG Mobile, so sometimes they complete certain ones and receive gifts for the part of the game, but they do not know precisely what mission they carried out. In this article, we are going to explain how to do missions and have control of them. 

When you log in PUBG Mobile and you go to the main interface, a number of options appear near the screen of your mobile device, at the bottom the submenu called "mission" appears, in which the daily and weekly missions will appear, as well as long missions that can last for weeks doing more than that will give you great rewards. 

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How to do quests in PubG Mobile

How to do quests in PubG Mobile

You can do easy missions every day like "eliminate one enemy" or "play five games on the weregel map" which will give you a good loot of Battle Points as rewards. You must take advantage of the missions every day to the limit because with them you will be able to accumulate many exchange coins to exchange them for benefits in the game store. 

In addition, the missions in PubG Mobile will give you xp points, which will make your account level up and be more recognized by veteran players, who will know that you are dedicating a good time to the game and that you are a high-level guerrilla You can also carry out clan missions set by their respective leaders, and get clan points that will help you locate exclusive outfits and weapon skins. 

If you do missions of the free Royal Pass and the Premium pass, you will be able to get rewards that will only be free in the current season, so you should take advantage of the pass to the limit. Complete each and every mission you can in PubG Mobile.

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