How to Delete Someone in PubG Mobile

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When you are enjoying the experience of playing PubG Mobile, there are many players who are extremely toxic due to the enormous competition that there is today in the zones to determine who is the best guerrilla. Don't let any user in the community despise your way of playing because in the end we all want to have fun in this shooter, which was created by the company Tencent Games for entertainment and as a continuation of the PubG saga for devices mobiles.

If a player engages in toxic behavior or just something you don't like, the article will show you how you can remove someone from the game. PUBG Mobile

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How to Remove Someone in PubG Mobile

How to Remove Someone in PubG Mobile

It is preferable to keep the toxic players in the area at a distance, the best thing you can do is make a report, because they benefit from the good experience they have in PubG Mobile other players to ruin them, making insults for any bug in the game or simply saying negative things about the PubG developers, if you don't like how they behaved towards you, you can delete them without any problem. 

For, delete someone in pubg mobile The first thing you should do is log in to the account of your choice, when you are in the game and finish, you will be able to see the different players who shared that duel with you, if you were playing together and they perform toxic behavior, you can report it in order to that it no longer appears in any game, the reporting options appear to the right of the name of the person you were in a game with, it does not necessarily have to be your friend to report it and be able to delete it from your game space. 

Enjoy the best gaming experience PubG Mobile no toxic community people who can ruin everything. The most essential thing is that you can surround yourself with people who share the exact same goals in the game.

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