How to Delete My Coin Master Card

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Paying to get auxiliary resources in Coin Master is an alternative for many players. For this you only need to register your credit card and complete the transaction. This way you will be able to acquire spins, coins, chests, cards and many more elements, essential to advance in the game. I no longer wish to acquire alone! How do I remove my credit card? Coin Master?

You can remove your card when you no longer wish to spend any more money in the game. Your card is not connected to the game directly but rather to your Google Play account which is where you download your apps from. For this reason, when you unlink your card, you not only remove it from Coin Master, but also from each and every one of the applications in which you are playing it.

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How to Delete My Coin Master Card

How to Delete My Coin Master Card

Follow these easy instructions and remove your Coin Master card:

  • You must open the Google Play application on your device (it must be the place where you have installed the game)
  • Touch the icon of your profile that you will see in the upper right part
  • Go to the payments and subscriptions menu and choose the Payment methods option
  • Tap the More option and choose payment settings
  • There you will be able to see the cards you have registered, choose the payment procedure you want to delete (card) and press Delete
  • Restart the application and try to make a purchase in Coin Master. You will be directed to Google Play and will ask you to add a new card or choose the one you have registered

Removing your Coin Master card is not complicated at all, and it will not take more than five minutes to see the change reflected. It is necessary to wait a few more minutes so that each and every one of the applications that you have configured recognize that there is no longer a registered card.

If you have problems with payments in the game, you should not contact Coin Master, since they do not keep information about your payment methods. This must be resolved with Google Play, iTunes or Amazon.

You can delete your Coin Master card, and if you want to continue buying resources, you have other alternatives such as Paypal, Mercado Pago, among many others.

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