How to Delete Maps from PubG Mobile

PubG Mobile It is a game that has a huge plurality of maps and extra resources that we will be able to download in the game, as many updates have come out over the years, the independent company that has developed the game has taken care to create often in the game , in such a way that each and every one of the users of the community could download each one of them from the extra packages to PUBG Mobile.

Currently the game when downloaded comes with each and every one of the packages included, there are many download folders so that the game can run in the most perfect way possible. You also sacrifice a huge storage space on your phone, so if you don't want to have every single map or other extra lump in the game, you can remove them in a one-time procedure. 

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How to Remove Maps from PubG Mobile

How to Remove Maps from PubG Mobile

The Erangel map is the primary space to enjoy the gaming experience, an area developed to be able to have a hundred users fighting to be the last survivor of the battle royale mode, the other maps are optional, so if you don't want to have them, you can delete them with this procedure. The first thing you should do is go to the option of your mobile device where you can see each of the files in detail, stored in folders.

Then from there you will go to the Android folder and then look for the data submenu, from there you will look for the Tencent.ig storage, where you will find each and every one of the respective packages of the game in the paks folder, there you will be able to store the files of the desert, dihorot and savage maps, the eragel map is the only one that you will not be able to remove because it is the one that comes included with the game.  

In this way you will be able to delete maps and free up space on your mobile device without necessarily affecting your gaming experience on the weregel map.

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