How to Delete Friends in PubG Mobile

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In most games, there are people who are in charge of ruining your adventure and having the best experience. In games like PubG Mobile, Free Fire, Fortnite y Call Of Duty Mobile, the communities are very big and you will get good and bad players in different aspects. Also you will find many people that at the beginning we connect really well with this and you add them as your friends, but then they start to have toxic behaviors in the game that are not to your liking, so if you need to eliminate that kind of friends and progress your experience game, you are in the right place, here we are going to explain how you can remove friends in PUBG Mobile no matter how much time you have playing with them together. 

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How to Delete Friends in PubG Mobile

How to Remove Friends in PubG Mobile

If you like playing PubG Mobile a lot, you should surround yourself with people like , focused on having fun and making this magnificent shooter a more reputable saga than it already is, apart from having an incredible community of players. PubG Mobile It is a game that is suitable for each and every one of the ages, with controls in majority or minority of age obviously, but you can meet people around the entire planet and make certain friends, remember to look for users with exactly the same vision as you in the game. 

Eliminating friends in PubG Mobile is very simple, the first thing you should do is log in and go to the main lobby, if you see in detail each and every one of the options that the lobby allows you to carry out, at the top of the screen you will to be able to see an alternative where you can see your list of friends To be able to manage the list of friends that you have in the game today, you must click on the batch management submenu, where you will be able to mark each of the people you want to remove , you will receive a confirmation message and you will admit it, with this you will have everything ready and the friends you no longer want to play with will be deleted.

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