How to Delete Coin Master Account

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If you are a Coin Master enthusiast, you will most likely have the app connected to your Facebook to save your progress. In addition to this you must have created other accounts in order to receive free spins. And if you are now looking for how to delete an account Coin MasterHere are some easy instructions.

If you are concerned about your information, or simply do not want to play from multiple accounts anymore, you can remove Coin Master account. You can keep only one account (in which you are more advanced) or simply with none if that is what you want.

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How to Delete Coin Master Account

How to Delete Coin Master Account

Next, you will find a point by point how to remove the Coin Master account. If Coin Master account is linked with Facebook, you should follow the next steps:

  • Open your Facebook account
  • Go to your profile, and look for the settings icon and choose account settings
  • Look for the applications option
  • Select the option signed in with Facebook. There you will see a list of each and every one of the applications linked to your Facebook
  • Select the Coin Master icon, and click delete
  • Confirm the action on remove again. This may take several seconds

It should be noted that by removing your Coin Master account, you will also lose your progress, so try to connect it again.

If you notice that in your list of Coin Master friends, the ones you already deleted still appear, don't worry. The developers of the game warn that in order to see the changes in the account, you must wait at least two hours to three days or so.

When you return to Coin Master, you must make sure you have your Facebook account open, preferably the account you want to connect the game with. The drawback of having multiple accounts is that you can get confused and not remember how your account was mailed.

Delete your data from Coin Master

You can request the deletion of all your Coin Master data, for them you must go to the Coin Master queue page. When you open the page, you can send your concerns and request, through a form, the deletion of your account.

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