How to Decorate the New House of Toca Life World

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The games that let you create your designs are usually everyone's favorite, especially the little ones in the house. Toca Life World is not far behind in this respect, since the game offers vast customization options, giving you all kinds of ornamental objects, even for houses.

If you wonder how to decorate the new house of Toca Life World and mold it to your style, then this article will be very helpful.

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How to Decorate the New House of Toca Life World

Create your Toca Life World house decorations

All the worlds of Toca Life World arrive with new and different mechanics, the ones that leave you give a personal touch to certain locations. Houses are one of the most ornamental objects in the game, since you can add different accessories to them for a low cost.

To start, the game gives you a first planet totally free, and then adds unique promotions, including packages with more houses. The best thing is that with a single house you can enjoy different styles in each and every space.

The truth is that making your decorations is very simple, since this alternative is noticeable as soon as you enter the house you want to decorate. In the next few lines we explain the steps you must follow to achieve the environment you so desire.

Start decorating your Toca Life World houses

If your goal is to decorate one or multiple houses in Toca Life World, the first thing you should do, obviously, is get your house to let you make decorations to your liking You will get the first one with the starter package, in which you will have to search until the moment you find it.

After you have it, enter it and take a tour of its rooms to see each and every one of the alternative decoration options. On the top right side of the screen you will observe the relevant menu for it, which will show you each and every one of the free options.

It is essential to highlight that each of the houses in the game has its own style, so payment houses integrate their decorative objects. These are totally free once the house is yours or you have purchased the package in which it is included.

Decorate your house with other elements

It also has the possibility of using elements from other locations, you do this when you take a decoration that you like and put it in the hands of your character. Then you just have to put it in the lower area of 鈥嬧媡he screen and go to the house where you want to place the object.

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