How to Create Another Account in PubG Mobile

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PubG Mobile is a shooting game that has set a trend for quite some time, due to the fact that it is the first shooter conceived for mobile devices, with great graphic quality and fully realistic game performance that conforms to expectations. The independent company that has created this renowned game, Tencent Games, has made major updates to this renowned shooter, including being able to create multiple accounts in the game and from the exact same mobile device.

If you have an account in PUBG Mobile that you no longer like or do not want to use anymore, you can create another account without problems, because there are different ways to register in the game, in this article we are going to show you how you can create multiple accounts in PubG Mobile.

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How to Create Another PubG Mobile Account

How to Create Another PubG Mobile Account

This magnificent game has four forms of registration, so with these four modes you will be able to create a different account, the mere fact of linking your account to a social network or Google Play Games will allow you to earn rewards in the game, since With this they will be able to link each and every one of the friends you have on that platform and essentially they will do some kind of advertising.

There are people who like to have different accounts to register them in multiple zones, in such a way that they can live the experience of playing with each and every one of the communities and earn rewards according to each zone, this is a technique widely used by authors of content both in PubG Mobile and in other competing games such as Free Fire and Call Of Duty Mobile.   

In order to create another account, you simply have to log out of the active account in the main configuration of the lobby, then it will send you to the front page of the game and at the bottom of the screen the different options to log in will appear, in the case of PubG Mobile You have links such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Play and invited, you choose the option of your preference and fill in all the respective information and that's it, you have a new account

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