How to Create an EA Apex Legends Account

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Apex Legends is a shooting game that is climbing among the best Battle Royale of today, with great graphic quality and skill development for its legends that we cannot find in other similar games. The game features a unique experience, where you land on an island with seventy other survivors in search of weapons, medical equipment, and everything needed to keep you on your feet while the safe zone shrinks. Respawn Entertainment and EA have released the game for consoles and PC, in which the only thing that changes is the control format. In this article, we are going to teach you how to create an account Apex Legends when you play from ea servers. 

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How to Create an EA Apex Legends Account

How to Create an EA Apex Legends Account

In order to create an account for Apex Legends an extended form is used for each and every user. The first thing you should do is go to their website, which will be moderated by Electronics Arts. We can point out that the mere fact of creating an account from there and not directly from the game will allow you to enjoy exclusive benefits at the time you start your adventure. 

After you enter the official page of the game you will find different options that will help you in your adventure in Apex Legends. You must go to the submenu where the profile silhouette appears, which will take you to a pop-up window where you will complete your registration and start the session. 

You can fill out your registration with an e-mail, where you will be sent a verification to be able to fill in all the pertinent information. Enter all your data, the id, the access code, a security question in case you lose the data, your date of birth and the area where you will start playing. With all this procedure you will have your Apex account and you will be able to enter it on your device of your choice.

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