How to Create an Apex Legends Ps4 Account

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Apex Legends It's a game that hasn't applied crossplay yet, so we still can't link ps4 accounts with xbox, nintendo or computers. Each of the gaming platforms that Apex Legends has has its own unique way to create an account, until such time as the linking of accounts from other platforms is enabled. In such a case, we are going to explain how you will create an Apex Legends account when you play from the ps4 console.

In order to enjoy the Apex Legends From a PS4 you must create a PS Network account. Creating an account from your ps4 is going to be absolutely free and you don't have to make any payment, so you should be careful with any advertising that appears on your ps4 when you connect it to the internet. 

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How to Create an Apex Legends Ps4 Account

How to Create an Apex Legends Ps4 Account

To be able to create your account to play Apex Legends and other games for video consoles that are free for the ps4 you must turn on your console, press the PS button and go to the option to manage accounts, in the submenu you choose to create a new account, where you will complete the registration by filling in a series of data and preferences of game that Sony will ask you for. For each piece of information that you complete, press the next button and complete all the precise information. You must bear in mind that to complete the entire procedure a good internet connection is required or that the platform is not under maintenance, so that the creation of your account does not present any error. 

It is extremely essential to have a personal e-mail, where a message will be sent to you confirming all the information you have entered for the creation of your PS Network account, you must follow each and every one of the steps of the message sent to your email and ready, you will have your ps4 account to enjoy Apex Legends and many more games. 

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