How to Create a Custom Room in PubG Mobile

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PubG Mobile It is a very entertaining game and recognized by the entire community of players who love the different shooters for mobile devices, thus creating a trend worldwide. In contrast to other games such as League Of Legends or Dota that only need one player to start a game on any server, PubG Mobile requires at least eighty users to start a traditional game, and in certain Battle Royale modes it is necessary at least a hundred.

For certain players, waiting for a large amount of matchmaking time is absolutely boring and superfluous, which is why many users of the PUBG Mobile They have been concerned with finding a way to be able to play without having to wait for at least eighty players. From there sprouts in the company Tencent Games, an update idea so that players can create their adapted games through a room, this caused a huge impact in the community and a good receptivity, despite the fact that it is an easy procedure, many Users do not know where to place the creation of adapted rooms, so in the article we are going to explain how to create one in PubG Mobile. 

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How to Create a Custom Room in PubG Mobile

How to Create a Custom Room in PubG Mobile

Rooms in PubG Mobile are called rooms, so in order to create one you will need a room card. There is no way to create the tailored room without a room card. In this sense, you will have to know each and every one of the ways to get them in the game. Possibly in your adventure in PubG Mobile Once you've got a room card, remember to check your inventory first before continuing the steps.

The room rooms can be found from the elite royal pass or through clan points, apart from being able to acquire them with UC coins. In order to create your adapted room when you already have the room card, you must go to the main configuration in the game, in the submenu the room option will appear, there you will be able to select the perfect game mode, the number of players that enter and whether to have your public or private room. With this you will have your room adapted and play the way you prefer.

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