How to Create a Championship in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends It is a game that has one of the most competitive communities in the world. In the month of January, the first global championship was launched, where PC and console players competed separately, it is a reputable competition called Apex Legends Global Series, run by the EA company itself. Without any doubt, this contest was a success, so the players in the community have wondered how they can continue competing against different opponents in their area and prove how they are the one with the highest level. In this article, we are going to explain in detail how to create a championship in Apex Legends.

How to Create a Championship in Apex Legends

How to Create a Championship in Apex Legends

The Respawn Entertainment company never ceases to amaze us with the plurality of innovations that it has put into the game since the last update, the championships are extremely essential so that each user can test their level of play, apart from being able to position themselves as one of the best players from your guild. The first thing you must do to create a championship in Apex Legends is to log in to the account of your choice, and when you are in the main lobby you must go to the different game modes, including the perfect championship mode.

You can choose whether to enter a championship or create your own, when you need to enter a championship, the leader or the person who is moderating the participation of each of the players must give you a code so that you can enter, since most of these are held as private rooms, while when you create the championship, you must choose the game mode (most are created in Battle Royale) and how the winner will be chosen, with this you will produce your code and you can send it to the users you want to invite to participate.

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