How to connect Clash Royale with Facebook

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Clash Royale is one of the most recommended mobile games nowadays and it has a good number of users all over the world with whom you will be able to play on a daily basis, although you will also be able to play with friends and play with your Facebook friends if you decide connect your Clash Royale account to your Facebook accountk.

When registering or logging in for the first time, an alternative titled login with fb, and it is an alternative that will match your contacts or friends on fb so that you can play with them. if you want to know how to connect Clash Royale with facebook stop worrying! And take a look at this new article.

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How to Connect Clash Royale with Facebook

how to connect clash royale with facebook

Keep in mind that having our account associated with a social network or digital platform is truly vital, since in the case of migrating devices, or if ours is damaged, our progress will continue to be saved in these accounts. In Clash Royale you have multiple options to be able to associate or link your account, as in the case of Facebook.

It should be noted that connecting our account with facebook It is something excellent, since we will not only protect our data, but we will be aware of the friends of this social network who also play Clash Royale. If you want to get it, just follow the next instructions.

Step by Step to connect clash royale account with facebook

  1. Enter Clash Royale.
  2. then you will see three horizontal bars that you should press
  3. Also, you will see a screen in which multiple options will appear to connect your account.
  4. Press the option that will affirm disconnected with the colors of Facebook.
  5. Now enter your details Login.
  6. Celeven of the permits prompted by the app.
  7. Done, you will have already connected to Facebook.

To start a session with Facebook, the most convenient thing is that you have already downloaded the fb app for mobile devices and that you have your session started in it, thus, it will be considerably easier to connect your account to the Facebook account and you will save a lot of time.

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