How to Close Clash Royale Account on Other Devices

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Clash Royale is a game for mobile devices that has become very famous and relevant in recent times. But why? Since Simple! This is because it has many users around the world thanks to its innovative aspects. In addition to this, it is a game developed by Supercell, who in turn are the authors of Brawl Stars and Clash of Clans, so we can say that we are talking about the best mobile games that you will find today.

This is a game that has an unusual security system, since we will not be able to open our account freely on any mobile we want, we will have to make the transfer or device link or, failing that, remove account from Clash Royale Device that we use and then enter another.

If you want to know how to close clash royale account on other devices stay to see this article where we are going to tell you precisely how to do it. Let's start from this moment!

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How to Close Clash Royale Account on Other Devices

How to close clash royale account on other devices

It is essential to clarify that close an account clash royale from your device or deleting it is exactly the same, and it's a precise process and one that you won't be able to skip if you want to play your account on your new device.

It is common for people to frequently change their mobile device, then having to transfer data, accounts and other things to their new mobile to be able to use it with each and every one of the functions they had on their previous device. to be able to play Clash Royale in your account In the new mobile, you will have to close the account, which is done in the following way:

  1. Start by opening Clash Royale on your old device.
  2. Then, look for the button with the 3 horizontal lines that is located at the top of the screen.
  3. Press the settings key.
  4. In the section Supercell ID you must choose the option that says Sign off.
  5. And voila, you will have closed your session in Clash Royale.

Keep in mind that doing this is very simple and won't take too long. However, you will have to do it to be able to open your account on another device, although it is also possible remove the application from your mobile and download it to the new device, it's considerably faster and will probably work for you.

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