How to Climb to the Roofs in PubG Mobile

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Finding high areas that serve as cover is a main thing when you play any Battle Royale, since it leaves the strategic benefit of having better vision. Today you are going to learn how to climb the roofs in PubG Mobile The truth is that it is a fairly simple procedure and that probably when we show it to you you will realize that you could have conceived it. Now we teach you.

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How to Climb the Roofs in PubG Mobile

How to Climb the Roofs in PubG Mobile

You must first recognize the house models that are in the game. By this we mean that PUBG Mobile he didn't design residence by residence, but instead took multiple models and put them all over the map. This is why certain are precisely the same.

There are some that can be climbed by stairs, and there are even others that are impossible to climb. Now we are going to look at a rather overflowing model in Pochinki. These are the houses with access to a balcony. These are ideal for the trick that we are going to do now. As we stated previously, this is something that could have occurred to you, whose origin is in the gates. That's right, we will use doors to climb onto the roofs in PUBG Mobile. The procedure consists of going out to the balcony, but you must leave the door open. Try to disable the automatic closing of these so that no failure occurs.

Now you are going to climb on the balcony supports that prevent you from falling. Remember not to do it from the front, but rather to jump sideways due to the fact that the player is going to jump off the building. Now position yourself in front of the door and climb on it.

Once up here, you'll be able to get on the roof in PUBG mobile, gaining an advantage over the rest of the players and being able to achieve a bit of height. Now take advantage of players who are not expecting someone to be on top of a roof to take them by surprise and finish them off.

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