How to Charlar by Apex Legends

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Apex legends has a completely new communication system that will allow us to chat with our teammates inside and outside the game. If you were looking for a way to be able to chat on Apex Legends, you are in the right place, today we are going to show you the different ways you have in the game to be able to communicate. 

One of the primary drawbacks that plagued most gamers of Apex Legends (particularly in those who play from Ps4 and Xbox One) was that in order to communicate, a virtual keyboard appeared, which they had to manipulate with the controller, taking up a lot of time writing a message while they were in the game and even many users in the community uploaded videos in which they were writing a message to their squad and they were killed in game due to the fact that the keyboard did not close quickly, seeing each and every one of these difficulties, the Respawn Entertainment company should have done something in this regard.

How to Charlar by Apex Legends

How to Charlar by Apex Legends

In the latest updates, voice chat was included, which we can activate in the game's accessibility buttons on both consoles and PC. This voice chat will allow us to communicate immediately with our partners while we are in the game and in the main lobby of the game. 

In addition, those players who do not have a microphone and find it very cumbersome to use the virtual keyboard, can communicate with their squad through quick messages that we can activate in the main configuration of Apex Legends. We can put different fast messages according to the situations that may arise on the battlefield. 

Currently, most games for similar video consoles have voice chat due to the fact that it is the fastest way to communicate in this genre of Battle Royale as a whole, this is of the utmost importance to produce strategies with our companions and achieve victory. in the Apex Legends

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