How to change your Name in Coin Master

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Sure, like many players, you have wondered how to change your name in Coin Master. And most likely, it is that you are already embarrassed by that user that you used to use some years ago.

Coin Master, take your Fb account, apart from your name, take your profile picture and create the game account. So you already have a name on Coin Master. While there is no specific setting that will let you change your name in Coin Master, there is a not-so-simple process to get a new one.

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How to change your Name in Coin Master

How to change your Name in Coin Master

As you have already read, there is no specific setting that allows this action to be executed. When you connect to Coin Master from your Facebook account, your social network data is automatically linked, including your profile picture.

If your Coin Master account is not connected to Facebook, but you play as a guest, since there is no way to change the information. In the same way if you play from other platforms such as iTunes, Amazon or Google Play Games.

Despite everything previously stated, there are two alternative options that you can try, if you think you need to change your name in Coin Master.

Option A: Change the Coin Master name on Facebook

Facebook, if they let you change your name, you just don't have to do it very often. To change your name you just have to:

  • Login to your Facebook account from your PC or mobile device and go to the account settings.
  • Select the General option.
  • The first option that appears is Name and it will show you the name that you have in your account. In front you will see a link that claims to edit, you must click on it
  • Edit your name. Here they warn you that you must wait sixty days to return to make a name change. In addition to this you will not be able to add punctuation marks or any kind of singular characters.

When making these changes, you must wait a period of two hours for the game to update and you can see your new name. In the event that the information is not updated, close the session of Coin Master and reopen it, connecting it from Fb.

Option B: Create a secondary account on Coin Master

Many players choose to have more than one account to be able to send each other gifts, make exchanges and even receive the forty spins for inviting someone. You just have to create a new Facebook account with another personal email, this time use the name you want. Then connect this new Facebook account to your Coin Master account and you're good to go.

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