How to change weapons in Apex Legends

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When we first played the Apex Legends, at the beginning of the game we will find a tutorial which for certain players is extremely cumbersome to be completing these beginning facets. However, the tutorials in any game are usually really useful to be able to familiarize ourselves with each of the basic aspects of the game, as well as the format of controls according to the platform where you are enjoying the game. Apex Legends. Possibly, the moment you started playing this magnificent Battle Royale you skipped the tutorial, if you are looking for how to change weapons you are in the right place, we are going to show you point by point how you can do it.

How to change weapons in Apex Legends

How to change weapons in Apex Legends

When you play on a PC, it is common for you to enjoy a control scheme to your liking, which you will configure with the keyboard and the mouse respectively. The actions of your avatar are easier when you manage the game from the Steam platform, an online store that allows you to access many reputable games, including the Apex Legends.

The controls can be easily changed with the help of the Steam Input settings, where you will choose which part of the keyboard you want to effect your weapon change on. Apex Legends has three actions, equip the weapon, hold the weapon, and land a direct combat hit with the weapon, you can configure all three actions from Steam Input.

When you play from a console like the Xbox, including the Xbox One, Xbox Series and Xbox Series S, the control scheme is somewhat easier, since the actions are minimized in the letters and small buttons that our controller has. . You can use the letter Y to pick up the weapons that are on the ground, while with the letter A you will change the two weapons that you have equipped. In this way you can do it with the PS4 and PS5 with triangle and square button.

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