How to change Username in PubG Mobile

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As in each and every one of the games, in PubG Mobile we will be able to make different changes to our profile so that it can look better and command more respect in the community. ID cards are the tool that helps us make this kind of change, with it we will be able to change the username in PubG Mobile quickly and easily. 

The change of username is always and in all circumstances necessary in any game. Sometimes we put a name with which we are not sure that we would like it in all our adventure in PubG Mobile. Before taking it, you should also take into consideration that Tencent Games gives you the opportunity to play it for the first time for free, so to make some kind of modification you will have to invest real money or be lucky to get an ID card.

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How to Change Username in PubG Mobile

How to Change Username in PubG Mobile

Most of the ID cards we get for free while playing the different game modes on the PubG Mobile They will let us change the username, so it will be a great opportunity for you to select a unique name that you really like. 

When you form a part of an essential clan, it is common for each of the members to be required to have the first three initials already before their name. For this kind of thing it is essential to have at least 1 id card to be able to make this kind of changes, a case in point is: SKT Snow. The SKT refers to the name of the clan and Snow to the username with which it has been recognized in the game. 

We advise you to use all possible inventiveness when putting your username, certain players in the community are involved in putting on the exact same name of some influencer or author of content from PubG Mobile and then they repent. Try out different combinations of letters, signs, and numbers and come up with a truly original username.

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