How to change the Fb Account in Coin Master

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If you are one of those who really likes to play Coin Master, surely a Facebook account is not enough for you to have fun. Actually, more than one Fb account in Coin Master is beneficial, since it is a good approach to send you letters, free spins and many more gifts. Do you know how to change the Fb account in Coin Master?

Many users use a primary account, in which they have their village and outpost buildings. And they have secondary accounts to accumulate certain resources, such as cards that they do not need. These accounts you can make fragile, and even raid them yourself, and earn those resources for your primordial village. So it is essential that you learn how to change the Facebook account in Coin Master.

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How to change the Fb Account in Coin Master

How to change the Fb Account in Coin Master

There are two options to change the Fb account in Coin Master, what you have to do is follow the instructions that you are going to see now.

Option 1

  • Enter the game and log out
  • Open the Facebook, but this time with the other account
  • Go back to Coin Master and press start session with the new active Fb account

To change accounts, you just have to go back to log out of the game and Facebook, and log in again with the account you want. This is the simplest procedure.

Option 2

You can duplicate the Coin Master app in order to have both Facebook accounts permanently active. You can only do this from an Android device. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Enter the Play Store and search for Parallel Space-Multi Accounts. This is a free and reliable app, excellent for mirroring apps.
  • Open the app and go to settings. There choose the Coin Master icon to point out that this is the app you want to duplicate. Clever!

Now, it will not be necessary to change from one Facebook account to another, since both will be permanently active.

Other applications that you can use are App Cloner or Apk Editor. However, the simplest to handle is Parallel.

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